A Taste of the World

Ray & Betsy Williams 

These recipes have been gathered by all members of the family over the years. They had been kept in hand written notes, newspaper cuttings, and verbal tradition. Some of the British recipes have been salvaged and modified from Pam's old school cookbook called the "Battersea Cookbook". Recipes that are more recent have come about by finding, modifying recipes from restaurants, friends, magazines and newspapers and others by sheer trial and error. The traditional British cooking originally used a large number of herbs. As people moved into the cities and could no longer have access to garden fresh herbs, the cooking had become very bland. Many of the herbs that we use are fresh from the kitchen window. British cookery is sometimes regarded as a source of fun but actually, it ranks with the best cuisines in the world. British cooking is not just traditional 'Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding'. It reflects and incorporates something from all the cultures and countries Britain has had contact with throughout her long history. Indeed British cooking has inspired many culinary traditions around the world.

When Pam and I came here from England in 1967 as a family, our food tastes changed and included many different cuisines, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Cajun, Japanese, and Southern etc. Additionally we have been trying to preserve some of the traditional British recipes and adapt them for American ingredients. More recently, we have featured Pork, Shrimp and Chicken because they available fresh locally and they are among the finest in the world. We decided that it was time that these recipes were written down so that our children and friends could share in the pleasure of enjoying many different types of food from around the world. Our friends will recognize their contributions. When we were traveling we collected recipes from the countries we visited.

After Pam's death in February 2008, I married Betsy, an old friend of ours who we had known for many years. Betsy is a Virginian, a Southerner who brought to our marriage many fine Southern dishes. Our tastes changed and this revised version reflects in some small measure this change to our table.  More recently we have become very interested in Thai, Chinese and Indo Chinese cuisine. Most of the oriental ingredients are Thai.

Recently we have been concentrating on providing haute cuisine at low cost using local fresh ingredients where available with as few prepared foods as possible. The emphasis is on:

The result is an eclectic collection of tastes from around the world.

Most of the recipes have been modified to serve two people.

For what it is worth here are a few of our recipes.

A Taste of the World

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